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Credits for Center for Amazon Community Ecology video
Supporting native artisans in the Peruvian Amazon

Video and sound editing:
Campbell Plowden

Photography and Videography:
Campbell Plowden, Yully Rojas Reategui, Natalya Stanko, Angel Raygada, Greg Harriott, Anna Loshkin, Italo Melendez, and Yuri Plowden

Funding support for the Project:
GlobalGiving Foundation, The Rufford Small Grants Foundation, Marjorie Grant Whiting Center, New England BioLabs Foundation, Musicians United to Sustain the Environment

Native artisan communities and association:
Brillo Nuevo (Bora), San José de Piri (Yagua), Nueva Esperanza (Ocaina), Puca Urquillo Bora, Puca Urquillo Murui (Huitoto), and the Federation of Native Communities of the Ampiyacu (FECONA)

Music and sound effects used with permission or attribution through royalty-free creative commons:
Audio Jungle - Epic African Cinematic Adventure by Brian Crutchfield
Sound - jaguar growling
Free -
Toucan by Soundbytez
Survival camp by Reinsamba
Tribal drums by Herbert Boland
Maracas fast intro by Robin Hood
Hyacinth macaw zoo by Reinsamba
Pink dolphins at Mamori Lake by Mikelmieto                                
Sound Bible -
Fish splashing
Tree frogs and birds
Butterfly by Mike Koenig
Rain and thunder strikes
Water churning by Mark DiAngelo

Interviews and other audio recorded with permission of Ampiyacu native communities