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Read the first-hand accounts of some of our researchers, project managers and volunteers working in the field with the Center for Amazon Community Ecology. Each blog has a complete archive of articles with the most recent ones presented first. Readers are invited to submit comments on these reports. We also welcome original submissions or links to sites with articles, photos or video on the topics of Amazon ecology, conservation and communities.

Campbell Plowden and Bora leader Manuel examining copal distillation in alembique pot Center for Amazon Community Ecology - News and stories about Amazon forest conservation and communities
Center for Amazon Community Ecology is our official Wordpress blog for the organization. It includes posts about the Center's work, feature stories, and profiles of researchers, activists, artisans and other people involved in Amazon conservation and communities. Many of these stories are updated accounts from our newsletter Amazon Connections and new stories.
Campbell Plowden with monkey at San Pedro on the Tahuayo River, Peru

Campbell Plowden
Dr. Campbell Plowden is the founder, President and Executive Director of the Center. His reports contain journal entries and short stories about his visits to Peru to launch the copal research project.

Campbell's Amazon Journal features his most recent personal reflections and photos from his travel and work in the Peruvian Amazon in 2011.

Campbell’s Amazon Journal features his personal reflections about travel and work in the Peruvian Amazon in 2007 and his observations of people, critters, plants and jungle lore.

Angel Raygada - Project Manager for CACE copal research at Jenaro Herrera, Peru Angel Raygada
Angel is manager of the Center copal project in Peru and is using part of this research to complete his thesis for a degree from the National University of the Peruvian Amazon (UNAP) in Iquitos. Angel regularly visits the copal research field site at Jenaro Herrera on the Ucayali River to monitor the study trees and build our relationship with local artisans.

Angel in the Amazon describes highlights, insights and challenges of his work in the forest and connections with people who live along the Ucayali River. For the original Spanish versions see: Angel en el Amazonas.  

Natalya Stanko - CACE Amazon Field Volunteer in 2009 Natalya Stanko
Natalya Stanko was a journalism student at Penn State University when she spent six weeks in Peru as an Amazon Field Volunteer writer with the Center. She wrote 37 stories during the trip in Natalya's Amazon Log. Read other stories she wrote about her experiences in her essay What makes a journalist? and her story Amazon Trip in
Marissa Plowden Marissa Plowden
Marissa Plowden was a high school student in State College, PA when she joined her father Campbell Plowden in Peru as an Amazon Field Volunteer with the Center. Marissa’s Amazon Memories features essays written about her experiences living in the small Peruvian Amazon river town of Jenaro Herrera and volunteering at the local health clinic during the summers of 2006 and 2007. Marissa is currently studying psychology at Haverford College. Read about her current experiences as an exchange student at Aberdeen University in her blog Temporarily Scottish.

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