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Party Hosts and Location

This benefit is being hosted by John Tait and Dorothy Habecker at their home at 121 Tait Rd.
The entrance to the road is next to Tait Farm - 2 miles east of Boalsburg, PA on Rt. 322 (Boal Avenue/General Potter Highway).
See Map of location in relation to State College on Google Maps.
See Map of location in relation to Boalsburg on MapQuest.

Date and Time

The party will be held on the evening of Saturday, May 21 from 7:30 to 11:00 pm.

Pre-Party Ecuadorian Cooking Class

An Ecuadorian cooking class will be held before the party from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.
Amanda Vinueza from Quito will teach up to eight participants how to make "arroz con menestra" - a favorite dish from the coast with rice, lentils, fish and spices.
There is no extra charge for this class; donations will be appreciated.
To request a place in this class, buy a ticket for the party on-line and let us know
  by email ( or phone (814-380-1959) that you wish to attend.

Main Events

- Good company and lots of food from different countries in South America. Dishes will include:
Arroz con menestra (Ecuador); Juanes de Pollo (Peru); Empanadas (Argentina); Brigadeira (Brazil).

- Presentation about CACE research and community projects in Peru by Center founder and director Campbell Plowden.

- Live video chat with Felicita Butuna and Ines Chichaco - two Bora native artisans from Brillo Nuevo, Peru
showing how they make an Amazon guitar strap and other crafts with naturally dyed chambira palm fiber.

Bora native artisan Raquel Lopez making Amazon guitar strap Chambira palm fiber basket made by artisan from Chino, Tahuayo River, Peruvian Amazon Chambira palm fiber frog made by artisan from Chino on the Tahuayo River, Peruvian Amazon CACE intern Shavon Hampton modeling chambira palm fiber jungle snake belt made by Bora native artisan from Peruvian Amazon Larry Mutti playing guitar with Amazon guitar strap made by Bora native artisan from the Peruvian Amazon

- Display and sale of Amazon handicrafts. These include woven bags, belts, baskets, and Amazon guitar straps
    and variety of attractive jewelry and home decorations. We return 20% of the proceeds of craft sales from our
    partners to support health, education and conservation needs in their communities.

- Exhibition and sale of Amazon nature photos and portraits taken by Dr. Plowden during his 20 years of travel in the region.

- As the moon rises, guests will gather around a bonfire to enjoy the earthly rhythms of the improv group Tr-HANDS-formation.
    Check out the new CACE video Music Friends of the Amazon: Tr-HANDS-formation - Part 1 with Carol Lindsay, Jennifer and Chris Bittner.
    The trio talks about their musical backgrounds and inspiration for their healing music.

Chris Bittner from Tr-HANDS-formation playing digeridoo at the Center for Well Being Carol Lindsay of Tr-HANDS-formation plays Peruvian shapaha seed rattle at Center for Well Being Carol Lindsay of Tr-HANDS-formation playing Costa Rican wooden frog Tr-HANDS-formation Jennifer Bittner at Center for Well Being Tr-HANDS-formation Jennifer Bittner with hands on drum at Center for Well Being

Spirit of the Amazon tickets are $40 for adults and $20 for students.

Tickets will be available at the following stores in the State College area. Cash or check payable to CACE.
    Nature's Pantry - 2331 Commercial Boulevard, State College, PA 16801. Tel. 814-861-5200
    Tait Farm Harvest Shop - 179 Tait Road, Centre Hall, PA 16828. Tel. 814-466-3411
    Wiscoy for Animals - 424 W Aaron Drive, State College, PA 16803. Tel. 814-231-8711

Get tickets online below with Google Checkout or PayPal
    Please include an extra $2 processing fee per ticket and let us know the names of the people
    who are coming and what type of ticket they have by separate email
    or phone (814-380-1959).

Donations to CACE are of course greatly appreciated even if you can't come to this party.
They can be made online or by mailing a check to CACE, 1637 B North Atherton St. #90, State College, PA 16803.




Lend a Hand to Spirit of the Amazon
We would welcome help making this party a success in several ways

1. Help spread the word about the party to your friends and others.
       Invite your friends and colleagues to the party in person, phone, and email.
        Visit our two CACE pages on Facebook for photos and updates about the event. We hope you will "Like" our
       CACE Non-Profit Organization page and join the CACE Group page and share the event invitation with your friends through your Facebook page, blog or Twitter.
       Download a Spirit of the Amazon flyer (8 1/2 x 11), print it and post it anywhere interested people will see it.
       Download a set of three small (3 1/2 x 11) Spirit of the Amazon hand bills, print and cut them, and post or hand out to friends and colleagues.
       Download a set of two quarter-size (4 1/4 x 5 1/2) Spirit of the Amazon invitations. Print them and mail to your friends and colleagues.

2. Help organize and volunteer at the party
      Help find people from Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and the three Guyanas who can
      bring an authetic food dish from their country to the party.
     Volunteer an hour or so before, during or after the party to help us park cars, serve food, or clean up.

3. Please contact us by email at or call 814-380-1959 with any offers, ideas or questions.

Businesses supporting Spirit of the Amazon

CACE thanks the following local businesses for donations of gift certicates or supplies to help the event.

     Appalacian Outdoors - See full description and photos of the outdoor gear donated by AO at our CACE Facebook group page