Support Overview

The Support section will give individuals, companies or other groups easy ways to support the Center’s work and mission with donations of money, equipment, travel benefits, time or buying Amazon related handicrafts, forest products and merchandise.

The main sections will be:

This section will make it easy for people to make a cash donation to the Center – either by making a secure on-line donation or by sending a check to the Center. Donations will be used to fund the Center’s Programs.

This section provides a list of the wide range of volunteer opportunities with the Center and descriptions of ways to get involved. The Center welcomes both people who can help the Center at its office in State College, PA and others who can contribute some time from anywhere else in the world. Areas where the Center needs help from volunteers include administration, fundraising, research, education and outreach. An Amazon Field Volunteer is a special kind of volunteer who assists a Center research or community support project in the field.

There are many ways people can help the Center by helping to connect it with potential supporters, resource people, and organizational partners in the Amazon and beyond. We would particularly welcome opportunities to give presentations about our work to people at schools, churches, clubs, organizations or groups of friends. Click HERE to see a list of upcoming and recent presentations or how to schedule a presentation.

Wish List
This section provides a list of the equipment and supplies the Center needs for its office, research and programs in the field. It also lists gift certificates and frequent traveler benefits that the Center could use to support its work.

Special Programs
This section provides a description of special programs that allow individuals, companies or organizations to support the Center. These include the Special Donor Program, Amazon Field Volunteers, and eBay Giving Works.

Amazon Forest Store
The Amazon Forest Store allows people to buy handicrafts and other forest products from the Amazon and Amazon theme merchandise. Proceeds from these sales support Center programs and projects in partner communities in the Amazon.