Pink Lemonade Decorative Basket -Fair Trade and Handwoven by Peruvian Amazon artisan

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This fun basket is handwoven from the fibers of a Chambira palm tree near the Amazon rainforest. One of our artisans carefully dyed the main fibers hot pink and lemon yellow,  while the center is woven from green, yellow, pink and natural cream to balance out the vivid colors. The edges have been carefully decorated with seeds from Achira Lillies. 

Your purchase of this basket will greatly benefit our fair trade program that ensures artisans are paid well for their creations.   It will also support forest conservation and helps meet local needs in traditional communities in Peru. 

  • Hang this basket to adorn a wall in any room
  • Group with several other baskets from our artisans to create a magnificent gallery wall
  • Place on an entry table to collect keys, coins, or receipts
  • Use in the kitchen as a fruit basket
  • Set it on a bathroom counter to hold toiletries

Your basket comes with a convenient hanging loop on the back and a tag listing the name of the artisan who made it. 

Model: WB549