Inayuga Palm and Quill Earrings

These elegant, nature evocative,  earrings feature a genuine cross section of the Inayuga palm tree from the Peruvian rainforest, showcasing the internal beauty and structure of the palm wood. These earrings also feature beautiful natural quill dangles.  

The Inayuga disks in these earrings are about an inch in diameter and are accompanied by a huayruru seed accent, widely regarded in Peru for bringing the bearer good luck, and featuring a natural red and black combination of colors. It should be noted these seeds are not edible. Dangles are created with quill. 

These earrings are made by an expert artisan from Iquitos who has worked with the Center for Amazon Community Ecology for ten years.  The French hooks are made with non-allergenic material.

Please remember that these handmade crafts may vary from the photos shown.

Model: ARM22Z06