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Small ocarina ceramic whistle with colorful Shipibo and geometric designs - made by a Peruvian Amazon artisan

These small ocarinas are quality ceramic whistles from the Peruvian Amazon. These designs feature a colorful variety of Shipibo and other traditional geometric designs.  Carry this flute with you anywhere to add an acoustic flavor of South America to any gathering or create your own tune to meditate sitting by the ocean or the top of a hill. 

Each oval-shaped ocarina is about 1.75 inches wide by 2 inches long.  It comes with four or five holes on top, two holes and on the bottom.  It also has a ceramic loop on the bottom with a long thin black neck chord.   

Please remember that that hand-painted designs may vary from the photo shown for each model.

Model: WHC202 (geometric designs); WHCB093 (hummingbird)