Instruments and musical accessories

Calabash maraca with crystal carved with Shipibo geometric designs

These unique shaman maracas are made from calabash tree pods by a Jevaro native artisan and from the Peruvian Amazon.  This deluxe rattle will help you keep the beat in your band, drum circle, or special ceremony. 

The pattern is a classic Shipibo clan geometric design called an icaro.  It is filled with dry achira seeds and small pebbles to give it a crisp natural sound.  Each maraca is adorned with a natural stone on top. The handle is made from a sturdy hardwood whose upper part is tightly wrapped with two-tone chambira palm fiber.  Additional stones and/or large huayruru seeds are embedded in the ayahuasca extension. These instruments are hand-made from natural materials from the forest so each rattle has its own pattern, shape, and sound.

The calabash pods in the maracas come in three general sizes: Small (2.5 - 3" dia.), Medium (3 - 3.5" dia.), Large (3.5 - 4." dia.). Most handles (including the ayahuasca extension) are 8 - 9" long.