Fall Harvest Decorative Basket - Fair Trade Handwoven by Peruvian Amazon Artisan

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The colors in this basket are reminiscent of the rich colors of fall with its beautiful orange, brown, and cream-colored fibers. Made from the Chambira palm trees near the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, the artisans carefully dye and weave these fibers into beautiful creations. 

This basket makes a beautiful centerpiece on any table or is a convenient place to hold keys, coins, fruit, or knick-knacks.  You can combine several baskets to hang and create a stunning gallery wall. 

Your purchase of one of these baskets supports:

  • forest conservation
  • local needs in traditional communities in Peru
  • the artisan from the Tahuayo River who made the basket

Each basket comes with a tag listing the name of the artisan who made it and a handy hanging loop on the back. These baskets were handmade by different artisans so the exact design may vary from the photo shown for this model.