Handmade Chambira Shoulder Bag with Green and Black stripes made in the Peruvian Amazon

This boho style shoulder bag was hand-woven by a Huitoto native artisan from the Ampiyacu region of the Peruvian Amazon with natural and durable chambira palm fiber.  This bag will be great to take your tablet to a coffee shop, pick up some things at the farmer's market or bring some essentials to beach.  It has a stiff bottom to give it extra strength. This simple and elegant pattern features natural ivory chambira with forest green and black stripes with a crochet knit design stitch.  

The bag measures 12 x 10.5 inches with a comfortably long strap.  

A tag lists the artisan's name and community and the plants they used to make it. Please note that each handmade bag may vary from the photo shown.

Model: BG301