Tagua Palm Nut Disk Earrings with Watermelon Seed Dangles

These chic earrings featuring a polished disk of tagua nut and dangles made of watermelon seeds.  The nut of the tagua palm tree is both strong and has a silky off-white color.  These characteristics are the origin of its alternate name of vegetable ivory because it can sometimes be substituted for products made from the tusks of beleaguered elephants. 

Huayruru seed accents are available with one model of this earring, achira seed, black, on the other. Huayruru "beads" are naturally occurring two-tone seeds from this distinctive group of tropical trees in the bean family and are mostly orange with a distinctive black patch.  Throughout the Amazon they are considered to bring the bearer good luck, but it is important to remember that they are not edible.  Different closely related huayruru species (Ormosia spp.) have small, medium or large size seeds. 

These earrings are made by an expert artisan from Iquitos who has worked with the Center for Amazon Community Ecology for ten years.  The French hooks are made with non-allergenic material.

Please remember that these handmade crafts may vary from the photos shown.

Model: ARM14201