Two-tone chambira palm fiber and wooden bead bracelet

This boho-style bracelet or anklet will immediately connect you to the nature and people of the Amazon.  This two-tone craft was hand-made with natural chambira palm fiber by a skilled artisan from the village of Chino on the Tahuayo River in the northern Peruvian Amazon.

The forest and river model features side-by-side rows of green and blue surrounding a line of cream-colored wooden beads.  The midnight-daylight model was woven with parallel strands of black and white chambira around chestnut brown beads. 


The main section of the bracelet is Main section is 7 3/4" long 5/8" wide.  It is fitted with a slip knot that will allow you to adjust its length to fit comfortably around almost any wrist or ankle.

Model: BR201101 (midnight-daylight); BR201452 (forest and river)